Sleepy Puppy

Sleepy Puppy

After a month-long hiatus I am finally back online and, though I’m still trying to get back into the groove of blogging, I’m actually enjoying the process. I have a whole lot of ideas going through my head – things I want to write, photos i want to upload, stories I want to tell – and I can’t wait to get all these out! I will have to pace myself and do things little by little. Although, the first thing I really should do is figure out how to transfer all my other posts from webs to here. Perhaps, I will just copy and paste blog entries / posts every so often and just indicate that I lifted it from webs, or maybe I should just put a link to it in my sidebar. Sigh … decisions, decisions. I shall worry about that later.

So anyway, that’s my doggie – well, at least my doggie here in Middle Earth. Isn’t she furry? Hahahaha.


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