Have not had the chance to take pictures lately – as I was busy tidying up the house. The house looks better now. By moving the furniture around a bit, I’ve managed to make my small lounge area appear much bigger and brighter. Moving the sofa / lounge set away from the window helped heaps. Now I have an unobstructed view of the front lawn. Anyway, perhaps, I can work on my assignment tomorrow, and perhaps I can upload Still Life photos before Easter Monday.

Anyway, allow me to leave you with a photo of a bee. No, this was not taken at my garden, but at my mom’s. I don’t have enough flowers in my garden to attract bees. What I do have a lot of are grass and dead leaves. Hahaha!


I’m still trying to figure out how to present my images. Should I have a black border around it with my name emblazoned at the bottom (as above) or should I just type my name using an itty-bitty teeny-weeny font size and place it on one corner? Hmmm … decisions decisions … *Sigh* branding is still a work in progress.


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