Pleasant Surprises

Last weekend, I noticed a dust spot on one of my images and, being the OC-freak that I am, I panicked! I brought out my blower, my swabs, my microfibre cloths and started wiping the eye-piece, lens, and all the bits and pieces attached to my camera. I even activated the mirror lock up function so I could use the blower on the sensor. I think the silly dust particle was there. So after doing all those – several times and in the middle of the night, at that – I thought I’d test the camera by taking a photo of  something bright – my lamp. I just pointed the camera at the lamp and released the shutter. I expected to get a massively blurred out but bright image but I was pleasantly surprised to see this pic.


hmmm ... not bad at all

Anyway, I gave up trying to find the dust particle at night (an impossible task, i know) so the following morning I tested it again by taking photos of plain white walls and blue skies and thankfully, the annoying dust was gone. YEY!

I had other pleasant surprises over the weekend, including receiving a very very old picture of me with my sister (taken when we were 7 and 1 respectively) – which I can’t scan (no scanner) – and some other things that made me giddy happy – but unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to show for it. So, I will just end this entry with a picture of me with my BFFEs (Best Friends Forever and Ever – ew! Corny, I know). This was taken in 2005 – I had such long hair back then and was also slightly chubbier than I am now.

Happy Birthday Camilla!

Happy Birthday Camilla!

Meet my best buds – the ladies whom I consider to be my soul sisters. Would you believe I fought with each one of them sometime in our youth? And no, I don’t think they ever fought with one another – I’m the trouble maker.

XTN and I have been at sixes and sevens since we were in Kindie. Our antagonism towards each other reached its peak when I was chosen to play Snow White in our 1st Grade Book Characters on Parade day, and she was hand picked to be the Wicked Witch. Tee hee, poor girl … she had a mask on the whole time! But she had a smashing costume and really looked the part. We eventually grew closer in the 6th grade, when she’d share her lunch with me and I’d gleefully gobble it up (Oh dear, PG alert!). We bonded in 7th grade, I don’t know how but we just did – and so far, nothing has come between us. We’ve had minor squabbles but nothing major. I miss her the most because she’s the one I could call – even at 3:00 am to discuss my love problems (or lack of it, thereof). She does the same to me – and I don’t mind. I actually feel honoured that I’m one of the first people she knows she can turn to when she’s down.

UUT and I got off on the wrong foot too. She first became my classmate during the 1st grade and she thought I was  a big brat  simply because I was sucking on a Yakult bottle when we met (plus we had the same Hello Kitty dress on). We became friends eventually, but had a falling out when we were in the 2nd grade where, during one ‘heated argument’ I pointedly asked her to return the blouse my mom made for her because we were no longer friends. Hahaha! Yes, I’m an old indian giver! We weren’t friends in the 3rd grade because she had little hearts on her socks and I told her that she should only wear plain white socks – which was part of our official uniform. During the 4th Grade, we fought about more serious matters, like which group was better: Duran Duran or Menudo (please, don’t answer that). I don’t think we ever became classmates in high school, apart from the occasional English class and a few electives and yet I have a great big clearbook file of all the notes we exchanged during that time. Hahahaha! Imagine passing notes – when you’re in different classrooms taking different classes. How we managed to do that, and still get good grades on our subjects will forever be a mystery.

JINJ and I – well, I didn’t really know she existed until the 6th grade even though we were classmates before that. She said that when we were in the 2nd grade,  but I honestly cannot remember! She’d tell us that she would wear red socks and kung-fu shoes to school – ah, a style icon at such a young age! Well, we must have had different social circles back then and I honestly cannot recall ever having to have bothered with her. I suppose I was too busy nitpicking on other things, like Uut and her blouse. When we were in the 6th grade, I remember her being teased mercilessly about her pock mark (take note, just one, on her forehead) – and she took all the ribbing in stride. We still weren’t friends then – I was well … hanging out with Uut – we of the awful 80’s shaggy hair-do. (Ew). Jinj was also very clumsy when we were in high school – but she seemed to have blossomed into one exotic flower overnight. One minute she was tripping over her own feet, and the next, guys were tripping over each other just to wave at her. We had disagreements during high school and part of college – primarily because I was jealous of all the attention that was being heaped on her. Thankfully, we managed to overcome those pettiness.  She’s the one who’s turning a year older today. Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

I miss them heaps! But it’s great that even though we don’t see or talk to each other as often as we used to, the minute we get together – we just pick up where we left off. Who would have thought that we would end up STILL being friends after all these years?


5 comments on “Pleasant Surprises

  1. marites1034 says:

    you’re very lucky to have maintained your friendships all through the years after all you’ve gone through with them. It’s just really nice to have that kind of friendship.

  2. saint3 says:

    best childhood friends are hard to come by and maintain. Good for u!

  3. iska says:

    Not only your BFFE but you look like quadruplets!
    Yeah, best friends are hard to find.

  4. Camilla says:

    Thanks for remembering my birthday Buns! I think out of us four, ikaw yung pinaka-thoughtful.

    Thank you for the years of friendship. I miss you big time! Hope you could visit again soon. Sabay na kayo ni Uut, para big reunion (as if, madami tayo). Sana sa birthday mo this June 15.

    Love you sis! I am blessed by your life.

    • just me says:

      Aw … super thanks for that Jinj. I hope the rest of the girls won’t get tampo cuz you think I’m the most thoughtful. I guess I’m making up for all the times I fought with everyone. Miss you too, and Xtn, and Uut. I feel bad about missing out on the milestones of your lives (your wedding and xtn’s too) but perhaps we will have more milestones we can share in the future.

      Love you too girlfriend! Be well AND GOOD LUCK THIS JULY!!! hahaha!

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