Larnach Castle

When friends found out that I managed to score myself a super great bargain deal to Dunedin (you can’t beat $219.00 pp return airfare plus 2 nights accommodation plus 3 days free parking at the Auckland airport and free entrance to the Speights Brewery tour) they immediately told me (well, us as I was with Ms K) to visit Larnach Castle. Apparently, it’s the the oldest castle in the land down under the land down under. Actually, there are 2 castles, but the other one is already in ruins.

Anyhu, so upon arriving at Dunedin (which, incidentally, I loved!), we drove to the Otago Peninsula in search for this highly recommended tourist attraction. We found it naman, we had to turn off the main street, drive into a smaller road and go up and down the Otago hillside on a narrow strip of asphalt – but it was worth the little excursion.

more images when you click on the pic

more images when you click on the pic

(Pasensya na at the watermark is huge. I uploaded this photo, as well as the rest, way before I ‘created’ the nice black frame that I have recently been using).

Larnach – both the castle and the grounds – was beautiful. Well worth the $25.00 entrance fee (the ticket seller was also very nice, hindi mabigat sa loob namin to shell out $25.00). Larnach was built between 1873 and 1877 by William Larnach, an entrepreneur and politician. During it’s heyday (as my dad would say), the castle had 43 rooms, a ballroom and required a staff of 64 servants (I know, does not compare to the Marcoses – but still nakaka bilib huh?).  The ballroom was built as a gift for William Larnach’s youngest daughter.

Medyo sad lang ang history ng Larnach’s Castle kasi nagkaroon ng deaths (and remarriages), duplicity, fraud, bankruptcy and eventually death by suicide (William Larnach, and then later on, his son).

So there, that’s my gusali entry for Litratong Pinoy. Please pardon the highly taglish entry, it’s for the benefit of non-filipino speaking visitors (as if naman meron).

Hubba Good Weekend!


5 comments on “Larnach Castle

  1. bertN says:

    I had a chance to see this castle when we did the New Zealand-Australia cruise last January. The view outside was worth the trip by itself.

  2. pao says:

    akchuli, gusto ko din makatungtong someday sa isang tunay na kastilyo. thanks for sharing! happy LP!

  3. iska says:

    Haayyy… going further down to the south island is still a dream. Kelan kaya?

  4. pao says:

    ang cute naman ng castle na yan. 🙂 happy LP!

  5. scart says:

    kay gandang kastilyo. sana makakita ako ng totoong castle tulad nyan hehe

    happy LP!

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