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After getting lost in what I consider to be the most hideously designed roundabout EVER, I spent a great part of my morning last Saturday (18 April) taking photos of 2 of the many projects the firm I work for has completed. I really wasn’t supposed to do that just yet after all it was a Saturday and weekends were supposed to be for my own personal enjoyment, but I figured – what the hey, I’m in the vicinity anyway so might as well hit as many birds as I can with one stone.

I had planned on doing a drive-by – just have a quick look at the area to figure out which parts I should be focusing on and which ones to avoid – but I ended up taking heaps of photos. Both places were definitely tastefully done and just being there was a pleasure.

The first stop was a retirement village and I thought the whole compound was divine. It was unlike any retirement village I have seen – but then again, I really have not been to many of these. The whole atmosphere was very refreshing and ideal for those who are ‘living in retirement but not retired from living’ (cheesy, i know – but I hear that phrase quite often).


I know it looks like a tuscan villa, but it's not.

My next stop was a primary school that was just a 10 to 15 minute drive from the retirement village. I found it quite amusing that I would be in buildings that catered to the needs of users almost from opposite ends of the age spectrum. Hahaha.

Well, going back, I found the school and started taking pictures of the exteriors –  I walked around a bit and saw the library  (the area I’m supposed to photograph) from behind a big glass wall. I felt slightly miffed that, being a Saturday and also School Holidays, I would not be able to enter but … apparently, the principal and the librarian were around on that day and they graciously let me in to do my bit.


what a really comfy little reading nook!

The library was way cute! The image above, that’s a lounge seat – and it looks very warm and cozy. I had to stop myself from grabbing the nearest book (which might have been one penned by Dr. Seuss) and just sit there, and read. It was just so inviting! And apart from the eye-catching window seat, there were also several bean bags and toys strewn all over the place. No child would be able to resist the charms of this library. Imagine: comfy seats, toys and books all in one place – what more can you ask for?

Hmmm … How come our libraries were never like this? Perhaps I would have been a better student if these extra amenities (other than the small-scale wooden chairs and tables) were available back then.

So there. That’s where I was last Saturday, and this Saturday (yesterday), I spent a lot of time prepping the photos. I think I will need a Spider sometime soon – so the colours of my laptop and of another screen / monitor would be calibrated. I pped photos using my laptop last Tuesday but was aghast when the images came out wonky when viewed on a mac. Some were storm-cloud dark, the others were very … oweynj. I hated it. I simply had to post-process the whole lot again. Bugger!

Anyhu … I still need to take interior photos of the retirement village, and photos of the library being used by kiddies though – so guess what, I’m driving back up to Auckland again on Wednesday (Yey! And no, I’m not being sarcastic – I really am beginning to enjoy driving – must be because of the Cruise Control function of the car – ahlahvit!). Hopefully, I would have finished editing the hospital pics by then so I can hand over the Image / Picture CDs to our Auckland office before I head back home to Hamilton.


Enough Pp-ing for now, it is now time to focus on my assignment.



5 comments on “Project Photos

  1. JoyD says:

    Its good that youre taking your photography lessons really well… More power to you … I would love to study photography too,, but too busy with the kids,, anyway,,,
    My family would like to visit NZ since we are just neighbours , its not too far from us,, but not during Winter.. brrrrrrr……
    have a lovely day

  2. Hazel says:

    That’s a pretty retirement village. Have a nice week.

  3. Jenn says:

    That looks like a nice place to be after you’ve retired. Your photos are great!

  4. Dora says:

    Looks like a nice place to have holidays. 😉

  5. Marites says:

    I love libraries and if we have that lounge chair in our libraries before, i’d definitely stay there for the entire day:) That’s really good that the retirement village looks nice.

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