Next Saturday …

photos taken by mum, poster created by moi. :)

photos taken by mum, poster created by moi. 🙂

I’m going to watch the Waikato Chiefs play against the Hurricanes – and get this, I’ll watch this LIVE at the Waikato Stadium! Hahahahaha! Yes, we can all die laughing now.

I’m still not into rugby – I still don’t know how the game is played and cannot tell the difference between a scrum and a muck (whatever those are) but I will be there, at one of the cheap uncovered $10.00 a pop seats (goal line, so I won’t see anything unless someone scores a try) – hoping for good weather and hoping I have the correct settings on my camera (jack up the ISO, aperture at its lowest setting). Y’see, I’m not watching the game in order to lend support to either team (well alright, perhaps cheer on Richard Kahui), I’ll be there to take pictures for my class because my next assignment is all about documenting a cultural / sporting activity. Yeah, I could have focused on the Hamilton V8s  but I used that before and besides, I was up in Auckland, blissfully getting lost at the )@$(*#%**( Panmure roundabout. The next big activity in the Tron region is this match so, against my better judgment, I whisked out my plastic and before I knew it — hello cheap seats.

Actually, I’m kinda not looking forward to it because (1) I’ll be all by my lonesome, (2) I hate trying to find a suitable parking space, (3) I dread having to walk back to the car by myself and, (4) it’s going to be bloody cold – and I loathe cold weather! Bah! Wish I could skip this and just be warm and toasty on Saturday night, but I have to go. *Sigh* The things I have to do to pass my course. Di bale, at least I’ll  be able to see Ma’a Nonu, Rodney So’oialo, and Piri Weepu (from the Hurricanes) and Sitiveni Sivivatu, Mils Muliaina, Sione Lauaki and Richard Kahui (from the Chiefs). I always hear their names mentioned in the news and I think they still are members of the NZ All Blacks.

Because it might be chilly … apart from my camera, I have to remember to bring my warm mittens (how I will manage to feel much more press the shutter release through the thick fabric, is something I will have to worry about later on), a beanie and to wear a thick jacket to keep me warm. Perhaps I will wear my white marshmallow winter jacket with the cute pink trim, and match it off with my fuzzy pink beanie and an equally pink scarf. Hmmm … I don’t think I have pink mittens though – I suppose the green ones with the little pink polka dots will do.

The photos pala above were taken last year, before the start of the Super 14 season. The Waikato Chiefs had a Meet and Greet Session at Rebel Sports, Te Rapa and I asked mum to accompany me there because I wanted to test my new point and shoot camera. So we went and, since I didn’t know one rugby player from another, I asked mum to point out who I should (or shouldn’t) approach. What a funny afternoon that was!

Anyhu, I should be able to post pictures by next week. I’m expecting a lot of grainy, fuzzy, blurry photos but hopefully, I’d have a few that would look semi-decent. Meanwhile, let me leave you with some photos of the city of Hamilton, taken at night for a  short course I took a few school terms ago.

Hamilton Public Library

Hamilton Public Library

Hamilton Public Library (view from Salma's Rasoi)

Hamilton Public Library (view from Salma's Rasoi)

Hamilton Transport Centre

Hamilton Transport Centre

Hamilton Transport Centre (again)

Hamilton Transport Centre (again)

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle Racks

I shall now sign off. I need to search the web for a site that will broadcast the match between Manny Pacquaio and Ricky Hatton via livestreaming – plus I have a gazillion more photos I need to post process.

Have a good weekend!

UPDATE: Manny Pacquiao defeated Ricky Hatton 2:59 into the 2nd round. What a corny match! I’m glad I didn’t shell out $25.00 to watch this on Sky Pay Per View. I would have hurled the remote control at the TV out of sheer frustration – but at any rate, congratulations Pacman!


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  1. saint3 says:

    I like the fact that the architects infused fun elements into the designs.

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