Countdown to Saturday

Apparently, the game this coming Saturday will be BIG – as in MASSIVE BIG! I found out a few days ago that the Hurricanes and the Chiefs are placed 1st and 2nd respectively in the entire Super 14 rankings, PLUS this is the very first time the Chiefs made it this far. They’d place 6th or 7th but never on the brink of being No. 1 so the entire breathing population of the Waikato region will most likely turn up at the Stadium to support the home team –  and judging from the way the tickets have been selling like pancakes – that will be the case. The guys at work wanted to watch the game as a group but when they tried to purchase their tickets this afternoon, they were told that all the good seats have been sold and the only available tickets are for the “free for all standing room only” green area. They said they’ll just follow the game at a local pub or something … that sounds like fun.

I was lucky pa pala to have been able to secure tickets for Mum and Brian. I couldn’t get two seats that were close together so I just got the 2 available ones even though they’d be seated at the exact opposite ends of the stadium. They’ll be in the Yellow Reserve Area (read: Nose Bleed Section but with a roof). Good grief! It’s going to be PACKED!

Anyway, because I was curious, I decided to do a search on my cheap seat (Aisle 47 Row B Seat 19), the one I purchased about 3 weeks ago (thank goodness for foresight) and, if the image below can be trusted, my location is not at all that bad. The pop up window is a representation of what my view would be like.  Hmmm … It’s not as near as I would have wanted but it’ll have to do. I’ll have to rely on my lens. I just wanted to be as close to the action as possible so I can take pictures of the players (read: Richard Kahui) in action.

not a bad view eh?

Where I'll Be

So there, all that’s left for me to do is wait for Saturday. I can’t believe I’m actually getting a wee bit excited about this game. Geez! I’m not even a rugby fan and yet I feel myself getting hyped up about this match! It’s so infectious huh? 

And for the blissfully unaware …


this is richard kahui.

I wonder if he looks that nice in person.


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