The best is yet to come …


I turn a year older today and last Saturday, I had a few friends and family over at home to celebrate this special occasion. I printed out the image above and made that into my party invite. The gathering was no biggie. There were just 10 people (myself included) and we just shared some food, wine and a lot of laughs. Anyway,  I like the message on my inviation: “Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.” and honestly, I really am wishing and hoping and praying that indeed, the best is yet to come.

I can’t complain about the past year because generally, it has been good. It’s been a tremendous adventure for me and I think that it’ll be difficult to surpass the events that have transpired in the last 12 months. The year 2008-2009 has been monumental (corny word, but what the hey, that’s the best one I can think of). On that year of my life, I:

  1. made a pretty significant investment (july)
  2. was visited in the land of the hobbits by my sister and her fiance (august)
  3. moved out and started to live independently (september)
  4. went to china – on my own (october)
  5. explored the south island (december/january)
  6. explored the south island some more – dunedin (january)
  7. rode a hot air balloon (february)
  8. learned how to frame (march)
  9. went on a date (april – sorry, nothing came out of it – buggah!)
  10. had the massive lexus transferred to my name (may)

There were other happy times but those above are my so-called milestones. Naturally there were sad moments as well. Hay naku! I lost count na of the number of times I cried myself to sleep or wept while walking the dog, or felt completely  hopeless and helpless about issues that constantly plague my mind. Let’s not go into that anymore because I’d rather remember the cheers instead of the tears.

So what ‘best’ am I hoping to come?  Hmmm … those who know me already know what I wish for – but apart from the obvious, I sincerely wish that whatever HE thinks are the best for all the aspects of my life (personal, professional, emotional, etc) would be revealed to me this year.

Anyway, a big thanks to all those who took the time to write on my facebook wall, send me a text, send me an email, chat, and skype me on my big day. I really appreciate the effort and am grateful that I was remembered. If this is a preview of all that’s yet to come, then this year will, most definitely be a wonderful one.


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