wasted weekend

What a way to spend the first weekend after my birthday. I had hoped I’d be doing something exciting like – I don’t know – go to Raglan for the day or perhaps, drive to the Waitomo Caves but no … I spent a great part of the morning catching up on some work – and the greater part of my afternoon/early evening at home, STILL nursing my horrid cough.

Man I really hate being sick. It’s so not fun aye? It sucks to be stuck in bed coughing long and loud enough to wake even the dead. AHEYRIT! And it’s not like you can actually do something productive either. I mean, I would have wanted to post process some pictures or sort some out for my Assignment, but I just felt so tired and drowsy. Useless talaga. Hmpft, in my boredom, lookit the postcard I created!


That was taken at the Hamilton Gardens about 3 weeks ago. I had to go there for a class as our tutor showed us the popular wedding venues at the Gardens. I took this image while we were all chatting away at the Indian Gardens. I thought the post needed a bit more ornamentation so I plonked my beanie over it and angled for a shot. Hahaha. I didn’t realise two of my classmates were observing me pala. They ribbed me about the beanie afterwards. Eh! Bakit ba? I was bored eh. Hmpft! Had I not been ‘creative’ that morning, di I wouldn’t have the materials for that Romeo postcard diba? So, all’s well that ends well.

Hope I’d cease coughing na tomorrow. I’d like to not bark like a dog when I go up to Auckland on Monday AND when I go on my much needed and well deserved mid year break on the 1st weekend of July. Hay naku! Even though my funds are limited na, I will still go on that trip. I really need to be away so I can clear the cobwebs in my head and rest.

Have a good weekend!


2 comments on “wasted weekend

  1. bertN says:

    Waitomo Caves sounds familiar to me. I joined a tour that took us there but it was a big letdown – I was expecting something humongously exciting for the money I paid for the tour but all I saw was a few glowworms, here and there, up the ceiling of the caves.

    Don’t let my experience stop you, maybe I was led to the wrong places of the caves. Good Luck, if you go there – I hope you have more fun than I did.

    • just me says:

      Oh they have three caves (been to two) at Waitomo and the park also offers abseiling and I think they call it Black Water Rafting. The last two were the ones I wanted to do – I’ve seen the glow worm caves – if anything the excitement there was going up and down slippery and narrow steps.

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