My New Man

Yes, I went home with a man last night. And not just any man ha? He’s much desired by all, has a golden glow about him and, wields a big sword! Whee. He’s still in my room, and he’ll be staying with me this weekend. We’ll be going to work together on Monday though, and he’ll be on my desk until I deem that the time has come for me to pass him on. Tsk – how I wish I can just hang on to him forevah! Here’s his pic … I took one of him this morning.

And the OSCAR goes to ...

And the OSCAR goes to ...

Sorry, I didn’t bring home an actual man, just a statue of one – but hey! It’s a replica of an OSCAR naman, so last night, when the award was given to me, I felt like Kate Winslet (I’d like to thank the academy …). It’s a little enzapping (I’m reading a zapped book at the moment) gimmick cooked up by the company I work for to acknowledge and reward someone’s good performance.

I think I earned this OSCAR because I have been trying to make my weekly time sheet reminder emails a bit more — interesting (to say the least). Instead of the usual, “Please remember to send in your Time Sheet by Monday” notes, I add a little something informative or entertaining. Just this friday passed, I sent out a little Banana Graphic which showed the different kinds of bananas available in the world market (not just the bland tasting Cavendish bananas).

Bananas, bananas, and more bananas.

Bananas, bananas, and more bananas.

I grabbed those images from the internet and just bunched them all up together and added a brief description under each – though they all seem so alike eh? Anyway, silly silly me stayed up til about half past 11 on Thursday night to make this graphic. I just got caught up in it, I couldn’t stop tinkering with the image until I was satisfied. Now, I don’t really know if they read the information or just click delete as soon as my email comes – I hope they don’t cuz sayang naman pagod ko diba? Hehehe.

OH! And I received a lovely bluish orange postcard from Estonia on Wednesday afternoon. A friend of mine was on holiday there and thought of sending me something to make me turn green with envy. Hahaha. It feels so nice to be appreciated and remembered.

Good morning!


6 comments on “My New Man

  1. Dora says:

    Congrat! and u got a nice looking “man”! 😛

    I’m always confused about the different types of bananas…

  2. Dora says:

    btw, can send me the banana graphic? Can’t read it clearly from here. Wanna to learn more about the different types of bananas. Thanks.

  3. tigerfish says:

    I wonder if I know which variety of banana I have been eating….hmmmm…..

  4. luna miranda says:

    congrats on your Oscars’! i thought you brought home a guy named Oscar.:P

    that’s a nice idea—adding something informative when sending reminders to team-members.

  5. That man will surely not annoy you hehe

    Can I ask a favor? Can you please put a banner of WS here or even a link to the site? I have banner codes you can use at the site’s sidebar 🙂

    Thank you for joining!

  6. Marites says:

    you got one very shiny man there:) that’s really cool of you to make such an effort to your emails.

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