My disturbing morning

I went out to take little doggie for a walk this morning and halfway through our regular route, I noticed a dog at the other side of the street. The brown dog approached us and started sniffing little doggie (which was normal) but since little doggie is not used to being around other dogs, she snarled. I shooed the brown dog away and crossed the street to keep little doggie away from brown dog.

Brown dog left us alone, he went about sniffing some plants and other things. Little doggie and I continued to walk and while we were going our own merry way, brown dog decided to cross the street again – just at the same time a car came driving past. The car wasn’t speeding or anything – but unfortunately – the car hit the brown dog head on. I heard a loud thud, a screech and the painful yowls of the injured animal. I was so shocked I couldn’t move I just stared. The driver made a 3-point turn and rushed towards the brown dog. He couldn’t move the dog for fear that his injuries would be aggravated and since it was Sunday, vet clinics were closed. We wanted to call a vet or the SPCA but we didn’t know their numbers. The driver, and another passerby tried to make the dog comfortable while myself and another passerby tried to find the owner. When we (myself and the other passerby) came back, the dog had breathed his last.

It just happened so fast and now, about 10 hours after it has happened, I am still disturbed by everything. I feel so sorry for the brown dog – he didn’t know what hit him. I can’t say he didn’t feel any pain because I’m sure he did. His painful yowls was proof that he was hurt. I just hope he didn’t suffer too long. I also feel for the owners of the brown dog. He had a doggie tag so he was someone’s pet – not a stray. OMG, I’m sure his owners will be heart-broken when they find out that brown dog had an accident.

No, I have no photos of the accident. That’s something I really do not want to have any reminders of. I will just share a photo of my little doggies. I hope nothing untoward happens to them.

my NZ little doggie - she can be a pain but she's a real sweetheart

my NZ little doggie - she can be a pain but she's a real sweetheart


little doggie in manila - the love of my life.

little doggie in manila - the love of my life.

This post is for all my doggies – past and present.


One comment on “My disturbing morning

  1. Donna says:

    Oh, what a touching story. I’ve lost a beloved pet to a car accident. Actually, anytime you have to say good-bye to a loved pet, it’s so hard. I’ve always thought that we put and receive back the very best of ourselves into our pet. When they die, it’s like losing a little bit of the very best of ourselves. Well….I’m going to go back and look more at your blog and hopefully come across a cheerful story/scene. I love your blog….I’m also a newcomer to both photography and blogging. Your’s will be one of my inspirations! Thank you!

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