and the magic words are …

Jai Ho!

I had to usher for the recital performances of two dance schools and both featured the song  ‘Jai Ho’ from the film, Slumdog Millionaire. Since I fell in love with the line “nothing can ever come between us”, I decided to hunt for this song on Youtube and today, I listened to it for about, I don’t know, 10 million times? Hahahaha! It’s just so catchy. Well anyway, this morning, I trawled through ebay to find a Tokina 11-16mm F2.4 lens – the last one I need to complete my mini arsenal. I found several vendors but they were all so expensive and were based either in Hong Kong or the US. Being the persistent little bug that I am, I kept on searching until I found one that was (1) within my price range and (2) being sold in Australia (much closer to the Land of the Hobbits – faster shipment, I hope). So I placed an offer and started singing Jai Ho — particularly the “You are my Destiny” and the “Nothing can ever come between us” bit to it … and then I forgot all about the offer because I had to run off and get Darth Vader (my new lappy toppy) from Harvey Norman and also go to my pseudo work.

When I got home, I checked my email and was surprised to see an ‘invoice’ from Ebay. I’m like … what the hell did I buy again? So I checked it out and voila, it turned out Mr. Seller accepted my offer and I ‘won’ the item. Whoohoo! I was shell shocked but deliriously happy. Not just because I got the lens of my dreams, but moreso because I wouldn’t have to pay as much for it. I think it costs at least half a grand less than the SRP here in NZ.  So that’s a major biggie.

Hello Darling! Come to mumma!

I’m so excited and I can’t wait to receive this. I’m hoping that new toy would be in my hands by the 1st week of December. I’m looking forward to using it to take pictures of our projects (apparently, an 18mm lens is not wide enough for some buildings), and to take big belly pictures. My colleague from Tauranga has asked me to take pictures of her pregnant self and I’ve conceptualised a few poses that may require wide angle lenses. I so want to try those poses out.

So there, I wonder if the magic words would work with men? If I gaze at clive owen’s picture long enough and start humming the words of Jai Ho, will he eventually be mine too? Like these lens became mine? Hahahaha!


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