Laugh Trip!

Just got back from the Laughing Samoans show at Founders Theatre, and as usual, they just cracked me up! I couldn’t stop laughing from the moment they stepped on stage until they gave the audience their final farewell. They were so non politically correct – but for some reason, they could get away with it. I guess it’s because they were poking fun at themselves (Samoans) and not other nationalities. The spiels where Aunty Tala (the bigger guy, in drag) talks with her Samoan uncle and where she gives advice to her niece who was going to the ball were just hilarious! Loved the part where Tala wanted to buy a brand new car with just $2,000. The repartee between the two was just priceless!

Here they are signing DVDs and T-shirts and basically just mingling with the fans.

The Laughing Samoans

I had my photo taken with the bigger gentleman about 2 years ago. Wanted to have my photo taken again but the desire to go home and rest proved to be stronger so I snapped this photo just before I went off.

Anyway, ready to sleep. Just trying out this Plants vs Zombies game my sister is going crazy over. It’s funny!


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