i’m learning a new skill

The joys of sewing Ü

Mum is on a mission: she wants to pass on her sewing knowledge to her firstborn, and I have a funny feeling she’ll be able to successfully accomplish this task. Hihihi. I’m really such a sucker for learning new things.  Mind you, I already know how to sew manually. I’ve darned socks and fixed hemlines and, as for my exposure in using an actual sewing machine, I made a pair of shorts and a massive table cloth way back when I was in 7th Grade but that’s about it. I haven’t touched a sewing machine in 20-odd years.

So, about two weekends ago, mum said it’s time I learned how to use a sewing machine – but not just any foot-pedal-operated sewing machine, an electric sewing machine at that! <ooh, scary!> She let me use her fairly old Singer (which she bought from a garage sale for a measly $15.00) and told me how to increase the tension, spin the bobbin, thread the needle and maintain a straight sewing line by using the guides beside the “foot” (foot and ruler guides in image above). She let me practice a bit then she gave me a ratty bed sheet and told me to rip it into smaller pieces and practice sewing straight lines on it, which I did last weekend.

from Okay to OMG What the Hell Happened to Hmmm … Nice!

Since I was majorly rusty, I had trouble getting the tension right but somehow, after lots of adjustments, I was finally able to get things sorted out. Image above shows my progress, how I first started with strange loops which became even more horrible when I adjusted the tension, until I finally got it right.

Now that I have a million and a half dishrags, my next project would be a table runner for my dining table. Mum’s going to cut out the pattern and I’ll sew the hems up for her to check. Whee!! I’ll be making my own clothes in no time at all!

Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’ve got company I have to entertain and feed  …

The handsome Vinnie!

and someone I need to cuddle, and hug, and reassure that she looks good in her new do (c/o me! the Demon Barber of Doggies).

looking tres chic!

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