19 / 20

I was at the Council Office this afternoon to pay for and pick up some documents for work. Whilst the cashier was attending to another customer, I went to the general counter and asked about sitting the Responsible Dog Owner Test. I needed to take this test so that I could qualify for a further discount on Doggie Registration Fees. The lady at the counter said it’ll take about 20 minutes but it’s free to sit. So I figured, why the hell not. I was there anyway so might as well make the most out of my time there. So I took the exam papers and voila … after 20 minutes I survived. I didn’t ace the exam though, I got item 20 wrong (When is it legal for a dog to bite a person). It’s all good though, the passing mark was 16. So there, I don’t have to pay the whole $112.00 for doggie fees, just $57.00.  Whee! I’ll attend to that next month, when I get back from Nerang-Murwillumbah.

I. Can’t. Wait. 🙂

Mum and I will be staying here (i think, unless plans have been changed without my knowing) on the 1st week of June. I’m so looking forward to this trip. Winter is fast approaching and it would be nice to feel some warmth on my skin again.  Here’s hoping my documents arrive SOON and that the weather up there, when we’re there, would be great.

Happy Monday!


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