I’m going to have chickens soon! I don’t know when but I think it will be sometime in June (or perhaps, July). The run down chicken coop is already at the side of my house. Mr. K said he’ll just have to fix it up a bit (the wheel has fallen off and the gate does not close properly anymore) and when that’s done he’ll put the coop underneath the back stairs and pop 2 or 3 of our chickens in it. Whee-hee! I’ll have semi-free range eggs FOR FREE! I may have to buy chicken pellets though, but with 2-3 chickens, 1 sack should last for at least a month! I will be giving them my organic scraps anyway – and other left overs.

The chicken coop, when it was still brand new.

I think I will get “Speckle” and one big fat brown one, and perhaps one of the black bantams.

I’m excited. I can’t wait to have my own free-range eggs and I bet little doggie would love to have her friends around again. She used to chase after the chooks (yes, Speckle, all the big fat brown ones, and all the pudgy black  bantams). She didn’t harm the chooks, little doggie just chased them out of curiosity. When the novelty wore off – she stopped minding them (and the chooks stopped minding her as well).

Can’t wait to have them clucking around at the back. 🙂


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