Happy Saturday!

It has been dreadful here in the Tron over the past week. It was insanely foggy from Monday to Wednesday and wet and windy the next two days, however – Saturday more than made up for the previous dreary days. Little doggie and I woke up to a glorious Saturday morning! The sun was out and the sky was a brilliant blue! It was a shame to NOT go out and walk – and walk we did. I had to make it up to little doggie because we didn’t go for our long walk on Thursday and Friday night on account of rain.

Little doggie and I even saw a couple of hot air balloons floating lazily up in the sky. It really is a glorious Saturday and the sunlight has already done marvels for my mood. No longer cranky and dour – now somewhat more … stable.

Anyway – it’s just turned 12:00 nn and I am pleased to announce that I have all ready completed my household chores! I ran the laundry before Little Doggie and I went out for our walk and when I got back, I just put them out on the line to dry. I was thinking of washing my sheets but … nah! I think I’ll do that after I get back from my Holiday. Besides, my sheets ain’t stinky!

Then after I put the laundry out, I then mowed the lawn in the back yard, and trimmed some wayward branches off a few of my shrubs and trees. Not content with that, I decided to finally work on my messy yard. I just can’t stand the gold and brown blanket of leaves . . .

I dragged the green wheelie bin, and of course, my rake and started raking off the dead leaves. I divvied the area up and raked in segments – that way I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed by the whole job. After much raking and bending over (to pick the leaves up and dump them inside the wheelie bin), I finally completed my task. Voila!

Such a pretty sight – my back will ache like hell later tonight but I think having a tidy yard is worth a bit of pain.  Oh by the way, lot of those leaves were piled under my camellia tree – and it’s  not because I got tired of raking and just put them “under the rug” so to speak, mum said these dried leaves will turn into mulch and become fertiliser. How that happens I have no idea. I will do some research on it.

So anyway, that was my morning. I’m going to have a bit of lunch now and then find something else to do (perhaps, write an article?) so I can accomplish even more on this wonderful weekend. Meanwhile, I wish everyone a Happy Saturday!


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