It’s a Hard Knock Life

I was already originally rostered to work on the 11th and the 12th but today, I decided to add the 13th on to my list as well. Pippa sent an email out earlier asking if anyone would want to take her shift and sadly – I said I would. It’s embarrassing to admit but I honestly need to jump at any LEGAL income-generating activity available, so when this came up, I took it even though I really wanted to not work at all on the weekend prior to my birthday.

Goodbye Weekend 😦

Well, if it’s any consolation at least I won’t be working on the week of my birthday, and I’d have a bit extra to perhaps treat myself to something special … like a box of branded breakfast cereal. (Wow! Life’s simple pleasures aye?). Anyway, I applied for another part-time job and was fortunate enough to be short-listed (Yey!). I’m really hoping that I’d be selected for the post because – well – I need it, but also because I am quietly confident that I can easily do the things that need to be done.  Sigh … I wish and hope and pray that I do get this job – I really, really, really hope I’d be chosen for it.

Isn’t this such a downer of a post? I hope my entry tomorrow would be a bit more cheerful.