Stormy Weather

It has been raining incessantly since what, last Saturday, and I don’t think the rain is going to let up anytime soon. In a way, it’s good because we had a particularly long summer and the farmers were already complaining that the drought is affecting their livelihood. Good that there’s rain but I hope the South Island  can cope with it.

Well anyway, it’s still drizzling but I had to go out earlier today because I owed it to little doggie. We weren’t able to go on our nightly walk last night because we had guests – mum and mr. k and of course vinnie the doggie were here. Mum and Mr. K left Vinnie in my care while they picked up a shower door (to use in the self-contained unit they intend to put up in my garage) at Te A, and when they got back, we had dinner. We had left over minced-beef and pasta with soggy veggies (yes, i overcooked them) for the main dish and peach slices and ice cream for dessert … YUM! I didn’t use all the peaches in the tin, here’s a pic of the leftovers.

Left Over Peaches! Ü

I hope the weather would improve the week after next. I would like to see a bit of sun and fluffy white clouds floating across a cobalt blue sky on the day I turn 35. That would be a great birthday gift. If I can have that, I would be happy.

Happy Saturday!


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