Sunny Sun Day!

I am so glad the sun decided to come out and make Sunday a  Sun-Day. It’s refreshing and invigorating to see everything bathed in the sun’s golden rays – and feeling some warmth on my skin is great too! Sunshine really can do wonders to a person’s sagging spirits and energy levels. It’s just amazing. Anyway, I will never underestimate the revitalising power of the sun.

Well, I’m done with my household chores. I’ve run the wash (and everything is on the line now), put the pillows out, and walked the dog. My front yard is a mess again though, thanks to those falling leaves. I’m not sure I want to tidy the lawn just yet. Maybe later – I’ll just shove them underneath my camellia tree so they can act as “mulch”. Celebrated today’s achievements by having a fairly heavy breakfast. I had 2 scones with butter and strawberry jam, and a cup of hot cocoa. I had prepared doggie’s breakfast so she and I could have our meal together, but she snubbed her munchies. She’s curled up on the couch now, sleeping yet again.

That’s it for now. I think I will curl up beside little doggie and take a nana nap. Can’t sleep on my bed because it doesn’t have sheets, and there aren’t any pillows (yet). Later ‘gater!

Dog's Eye View

I wondered how Little Doggie saw the world so, while she was on the lounge floor, I crawled beside her and took this image at doggie-eye-level. That’s the power cord to my laptop.

Happy Sunday!


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