Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Goodbyes are always hard because it signals the end of something: the end of a friendship, a visit, a journey, a story, a life … it can be painful but it can also be liberating. It may be immensely trite but a goodbye always heralds the start of a new beginning.  Take for example, the various events that happened today.

Today marked the last day at work of one of the guys I work with (that sounds redundant, doesn’t it – oh well, who cares).  He’s moving on to another firm and he starts his new adventure this coming Monday. Though I’m honestly quite happy for him, I also feel sad and it’s all for purely selfish reasons – primarily because I will no longer have someone to chat with, and tease, and harass. I consider him a really good friend and confidante and it’s just going to be strange not having him around. Sigh … I will definitely miss his dry sense of humour.

Little Doggie keeping my side of the bed warm

Anyway — today is also the last day of fall (or autumn) so not only do I have to say goodbye to a friend but also to having comfortably cool temperatures. Tomorrow,  I will say hello to winter and  to the blistering cold wind that comes with it. Brrr! According to the news, our low last night was a resounding ZERO! No wonder I found it so friggin’  difficult to get out of bed this morning. I wanted to just stay snuggled under the covers! But I had to get up and was quite surprised to see that there wasn’t any frost. Usually when the temperature hits zero,  cars and grass and any other non-moving surface exposed to the elements get covered by a very very thin film of ice. Not snow, just ice. It’s not bad, just annoying because I have to hose the car down with water to melt the icy build up on the windows and windshield.  Thankfully, it’s not that cold tonight and Jack Frost isn’t expected to pop by for a visit. I still had to turn the electric blanket on and wear socks to bed though, but the coldness is tolerable. Ah … I wonder what new beginnings this winter season will bring. Will this winter bring some warmth to my cold heart? Har Har Har! I WISH! But I think winter will bring me a virus. I’ve been sniffling the past few days, I do hope this is temporary and not the beginning of a cold or a flu – I can’t afford to get sick.

Hmmmm … today is also the last day of May so I’m officially saying goodbye to all the heartaches and disappointments I experienced this month and am looking forward to the new beginnings June will bring. June’ll be quite significant too because on the 15th, I say goodbye to my 34th year and begin a new chapter in my life as I turn 35. Good grief! That’s OLD! Hahaha! And since I’ve reached my mid-life period, I promise that starting tomorrow, I will make the most of my life (or whatever is left of it) and simply embrace everything that comes my way with joy and happiness – and brush negative thoughts aside.

Apologies for the nonsensical post – I happily blame this on the cold weather.  My  brain is half-frozen.

Happy Monday!


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