2 1/2 months in a nutshell

It’s been 2 1/2 months since I last posted something and it’s all my fault. I had wanted to post updates while I was in Australia but was unable to because of limited internet access. Then when I got back to Middle Earth, I snagged myself a 2nd 2nd job ushering at the University, and a 3rd 2nd job writing articles for websites. It has been pretty hectic and it’s only this week that my schedule has lightened up – plus I think I have the whole house to myself thus, the opportunity to sit down and gather my thoughts and write them down.


Went to Aussie last June – for my birthday. No, I am not rolling in cash – I just know how to spot a bargain and this trip is one of those. Jetstar had a Buy-1, Take a friend for free promo in November and Mum and I decided to take advantage of this great deal. Thus, our trip to Ozzie. We stayed at Ms. Marie’s place in Ipswich, and the last 3 days at a resort at Nerang Murwillumbah. It was a really enlightening experience. You see, Ms. Marie suffered an aneurysm and then a stroke in the prime of her life. She told me that for some time, the left side of her body was completely paralyzed and that she had lost her memory. She had a sister who was a practicing Physical Therapist and it was she who nursed her back to health.

Ms. Marie said she’s still not 100% okay: sometimes she loses control of her left hand, she still has bouts of forgetfulness, and admits that she is still being treated for depression but she’s still thankful to the Lord that she’s alive. She works as a nurse for Queensland’s Disability Services and she said, being with her patients makes her realise that despite all that she has experienced, she still is very lucky. She gave me this little Swarovski crystal dog as a memento.

Swarovski Doggie

It’s quite remarkable that she was able to piece together this charm considering her poor eyesight and reduced physical dexterity. I really should bring this with me all the time so I would remember that, in the grand scheme of things, the minor irritations I experience everyday are just that – minor irritations. Will forever be thankful for Ms. Marie for making me see things in a different light.


Went to the Tongariro National Park in July for our annual ski-trip. We didn’t hike halfway up the mountain in the dark this time though. We were booked at a backpacker’s facility somewhere at the base of the mountain. Spent the weekend there with my officemates and my homestay student and his friends. It was an okay weekend. I’m sorry I can’t be more enthusiastic about it but – I don’t know … I felt that it was just an okay weekend. No, I didn’t go skiing – I’ve never been a snow bunny – I guess I never will be. I went horseback riding with two guys from work and my homestay student and his friends instead. I enjoyed my ride, even though my horse refused to walk at the front of the line. Somehow, between trying to keep myself warm and getting my stubborn (but very gentle) horse Apollo to walk faster, I was able to take this photo of Mount Ruapehu:

Mount Ruapehu

Fab view ain’t it? Really lovely. Can you see the sheep grazing at the bottom of the photo? Anyway – though I had fun, I think this will be the last year I’ll join the crew at Ruapehu. I just felt a wee bit out of place. I don’t know if it’s because most of the people there were from Auckland, or maybe because I was there on my own, or because I don’t drink (well, I do but I don’t get wasted – I honestly do not see the point in doing that). It’s not that I don’t make any effort – I do, but I can’t be someone I’m not just because I want to fit in or ‘belong’. I refuse to be someone else – and I refuse to sacrifice my healthy liver just to be ‘in with the crowd’. Hahaha … Grumpy much?


Wendy's Daphnes

These are the Daphnes that adorn my desk at work. Wendy brought them in this morning, to replace the blossoms she brought in on Monday. These flowers really smell so nice and they make my dreary desk look warmer and more welcoming. Wendy’s leaving for the UK on Sunday, to visit her mum. I honestly feel sad about her leaving (even if it’s just for a month). Like her Daphnes, I find her presence quite refreshing. She makes me laugh and she accepts me for who I am. She knows when I’m not in a good mood, and doesn’t get offended (at least, I hope not) when I retreat into my shell. Will miss her heaps and I will probably email her heaps. Oh well, at least I know she’ll be coming back – that’s something to look forward to.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to have my hair done. I finally found a stylist who wants to work with what I have (a mop of curly hair). She was recommended by my real estate agent and I swear, she’s like – THE BEST. She didn’t want to flat iron my hair after my trim. She set it curly AND she even taught me how to set my hair properly. I ♥ her. Hehehe. Tomorrow we’re going to put foils in – not sure about the colours yet though, but I trust her judgement.

Tomorrow (well, this weekend anyway), I also need to complete 5 articles (might write some later, after I take a nana nap – I just feel incredibly exhausted), make a vectorized location map for my sister (as if I know what I’m doing). On Sunday, I might watch Letters to Juliet at the Vic. Busy busy busy!

Until next time then (hopefully, tomorrow).


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