Went to Ktizo @ Tristram Street to have my hair done this morning. As I mentioned in my previous post, I found a stylist who works with curls and I trusted her enough to have foils put in my luscious locks. My appointment was at 9:00 am and I stepped out of the Salon at 1:00 pm. It really shouldn’t have taken that long, it’s just I had the horrid grey strands near my temples touched up – after the foils had been put in. Well, at least my hair looks like a million dollars (no, it didn’t cost that much – I had a 25% discount voucher). Too bad though that I don’t have any plans for tonight. Sigh … all dolled up with nowhere to go.

me and my foils - being baked to perfection

Jessie had to bleach sections of my hair first – to lighten it, before she applied the ‘highlights’. The photo above was taken after the bleaching chemicals were slathered on my hair. After the foils were removed, I was completely gob-smacked to see how bright orange those strands were. I wanted to take photos of the bleached bits but they just looked SO HORRIBLE! Was immensely glad when the black and red dye was applied to my hair. Was even ‘gladder’ when the whole procedure was completed. The streaks / highlights were visible without being too vibrant and ‘in-your-face’.


That’s how my hair looks now. Personally, I think it’s subtly interesting. Hahaha. I wasn’t too chuffed about the way 2nd stylist styled my hair afterwards though. I had a mass of curls and ringlets which, in my opinion, did not look the least bit natural. I wanted Jessica to style my hair the way she did the last time, but she had to attend to another patron. Hey don’t get me wrong – it was nice and all – just not to my liking. Doesn’t matter – I’ll be able to set it the way I want to on Monday.

So there, that’s the (hehehe) highlight of my day. Now finishing my articles. Once I’m done, I can pretend to know how to use Adobe Illustrator for my sister’s location map.

Have a good evening!


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