Migrainey Monday

Yes, I had a mini migraine this morning and it was just horrible! I’m glad it was just a small migraine – a slight throbbing pain at the base of my head – instead of the massive one which would render me useless. If I had the latter, I’d have to go home, curl up under the covers and sleep for 2 straight days before I recover. In this instance, a cup of powdered paracetamol panadene was enough to make me feel better (oh! and a lemon muffin and a cup of mochaccino from the BP station). I don’t know what triggered it. It can’t be due to hunger because I had a big bowl of cereal before leaving for work. Can’t be the heat either because (hello) we’re still in the middle of winter. Maybe it’s stress … because I wasn’t able to curl my hair properly today. Hmpft! Oh well – at least the pain subsided. That’s all that matters.

Anyway, I just got back from my NZ Sign Class and it’s just getting better and better every session. We’ve learned quite a number of words and can now piece together fairly coherent sentences. I can now tell time, ask how much, how many, give directions, it’s just so interesting. I’m so glad I signed up for it and I think I would want to take Level 2 and then, Level 3 later on. Soon, I would be more conversant in the language.  It’s a bit difficult not having someone to practice with, but unlike a spoken language, at least I know that I won’t be mispronouncing words  and, if I don’t know how to sign a word, I could still write it down or finger spell. Now if only I can channel my enthusiasm in NZSL towards photography. I need to get out of my photography rut soon! I swear, it’s no longer funny.

Hmmm … sleepy all of a sudden. I think my body has settled down and it’s time to nod off to dreamland. But before I go, I will share an image of my 1st ever attempt at creating something using Adobe Illustrator.

not bad for a first timer Ü

It’s a location map to the church for her wedding. Her artist required an ai image so they could resize it and not affect the picture quality. I’ve never really used AI before, so for me to create this … fairly okay image … is really something. I think I want to find a book on Adobe Illustrator so I can see what else I can do using this program.

That’s it for today. G’nyt!


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