Looking forward to Saturday!

I am planning to have a massive pre-spring cleaning at home even though it’s not yet Spring. I hope to get up at around 7:00 or 7:30, walk my dog, have a massively heavy breakfast upon returning home and start CLEANING UP! Whee! Strange as it may be, I am actually quite excited about it. I’m going to air my bedroom, change my sheets and rearrange the furnishings to, hopefully, have more space. Then I intend to wipe the hallway floor to remove the mud marks. Then whilst I’m waiting for the floor to dry, I’m going to clean the kitchen – scrub the bench tops, clean the stove, wipe the cupboards, clean out the fridge AND scrub the floor because my goodness -my kitchen floor is absolutely grubby! I hate it! Grrr! AND THEN … I will then vacuum the carpet at the lounge because it’s grubby as well. I would have wanted to blast it with a rug doctor but the carpet will need time to dry. I’ll do that sometime during summer.

"I'm sorry ..."

Yeah, I think she knows she’s the reason why I’m having my spring cleaning session 2 weeks prior to spring. She’s trying to look really repentant in this photo – and I think she’s succeeding (just barely).  This was taken this morning, while I was trying to make my bed. She refused to get up from the pillows so I plonked one on top of her and voila – instant photo for her. She’s getting quite tubby (like me) so once the weather improves, I’m hoping to take her for much longer walks.

Happy Food!

No, didn’t have that today. I had that for lunch yesterday and it cured me of my migraine. Yes, I can swear by it. I had something from the BP station again though – I had a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Meal. I actually had something which is supposed to be chicken cordon bleu (deep fried, thank you). I say ‘something’ because when you bite into it, you don’t really see the fibrous meat chicken is known for. You get a big solidified chunk of something, a slab of cheese and a slab of what could be ham. Hahaha! Sounds really unappetizing and unhealthy but yes, I still had that for lunch. It’s quick, easy and cheap!

This evening, I had left over sinigang, tomorrow I might prepare tuna carbonara for my homestay student, and thursday night we’re going to have Kapsa! It’s a middle eastern dish and homestay student will be preparing it! I intend to take pictures of him preparing the kapsa and will post it here. Haven’t had Kapsa before, so this should be interesting.

That’s it for tonight. I’ll go watch this totally HILARIOUS video again. I swear, I just DIED LAUGHING! I saw it on Facebook but luckily it’s also on Youtube. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wejWbmfF5Qo

Good evening!


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