Too Cold …

Yes, it’s too bloody cold yet again! Not only will we not see the sun until Tuesday next week (thus, my laundry will have to wait until then), we also have to suffer through this infernal cold spell. It’s grey, it’s wet and it’s cold! No wonder my enthusiasm for anything is at an all time low. I hope the sun decides to make its appearance sooner rather than later.

Anyway, I’ve rearranged my bedroom layout after I came back from my walk with little doggie and the new set up is – okay. It’s different. I’m not entirely happy about where my dresser is, but it’ll have to do for now.  I had wanted to change the sheets too but, have decided against it because of the yucky outlook for the next few days. Basically, I moved the bed (segue: raining again!) closer to the window so I could see more of the sky. It was a bit difficult tugging and pulling and pushing furnishings around, but I managed to do it sans any assistance from my furry companion. She decided she’d rather supervise from on top of the bed. Here she is:

Under a pile of pillows

She didn’t want to get off the bed kasi, eh I was piling my pillows in the middle so they wouldn’t tumble off during the pushing and pulling process. I was just dumping pillows willy-nilly and when I turned to look for her – voila! There she was, snuggled beneath everything – with hardly a care in the world.

So anyway, I think I will sleep early tonight (yeah right). I was unable to catch some zzz’s last night because I made the mistake of having coffee after 12 noon and that threw my body clock off kilter. I’m really feeling quite sleepy – I guess the cold weather and the sound of the rain are just lulling me to dreamland. Good night then!

Obtw, bought a used 2-disk DVD of Pan’s Labyrinth on Trademe today. Sigh, that’ll be my last luxury purchase in a long while because my funds will diminish greatly starting next month. My homestay student will be flying back to Saudi Arabia on September 4, and my temporary flatmate will be moving into his own place next Saturday. I’ll be on my own again … just me, myself and little doggie. 😦


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