Good Morning

It’s another dismally cold and wet day here in Hamilton. Thankful though that it’s not too cold, nor is it windy. Winter really is on its way out but he’s still making his presence felt.

Darling doggie went on holiday yesterday. HSS (Home Stay Student) and I went to Ohinewai on Friday night because he wanted to experience milking cows. I left Saffidoodle behind because she needed to have a run and have fun with Vinnie. Last night the house felt so empty without the little fur ball prancing around. I miss doggie. 😦 Glad that I will be picking her up at about noon today. She’ll be riding with mum to her part time job and I’ll just pick her up from there. Will give doggie lots of hugs and cuddles when she gets home.

I really feel bad about not spending time with my dog. I know she desires human company but – I have duties to fulfill. The next two weeks will be tremendously busy because a lot is happening at the theatres, thus I’ll have so little time to spend with her again. When things ‘normalise’ (read: not raining too much) I’ll sort my schedule out so as to spend more time walking her or something.

Nothing much to share today – actually, that’s a lie. I do have lots I want to share but until things are finalised, I will keep these to myself. All should be sorted this week anyway – barring procrastination by others. Will have an update hopefully tomorrow or tuesday at the latest.

Here’s a photo of dew drops. I took this yesterday morning while waiting for mum, mr. k and hss return from milking. I’m trying to revive my enthusiasm for photography – and I’m hoping these small steps will help get my groove back.

Dew Drops on Saturday Morning

Good Morning!


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