Starting Over

Yes, I have decided to start over.  It’s because in exactly one month, I will turning a year older. I had thought of starting yet another blog – a new one and leave this behind (I had thought of deleting it) but I just couldn’t do it. I guess it’s the hassle of setting up another account, personalising it, getting a unique name – I thought – bugger it! I’ll continue with the old one and just label the posts differently. So here I am again, back to blogging.

So what exactly am I planning to start again? Lots! I’m planning to blog again (obviously), and to embark on another Project 365. I started that in January but it (obviously) fizzled out in March. I used to think that my momentum was quashed by a week down at Christchurch and a further 2 weeks of confusion indirectly brought about by Mr. Invercargill but now, I think the reason … the REAL reason why blogging and my numerous (I have been trying that for the past 3 years) Project 365 projects fail is because they were all quite superficial. I did not have a purpose behind it. My purpose was to complete Project 365 – but for what? I would blog, but — for no reason, – just because. Now,  it’s different!

I have decided, that starting 15th June, I will  photograph and write about something I am thankful for. I intend, for this coming year, be acutely aware of all my blessings and make a conscious effort to recognise and acknowledge these. That’s my plan and I am positive that this time, I will succeed.


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