last days of june

June really is a funny month. One moment it’s warm, the next it’s chilly. On 28th June, the night was quite warm I didn’t need to light a fire.

28 June : My Clean Fire Place

But the following two nights were BLOODY COLD! It’s a good thing there were some happy events to make up for the blistering cold weather. The happy events on 29th June were (1) a free chocolate bar from one of the guys at work, and (2) the arrival of the electric fry pan we (Ash, Sue and I) ordered from One-Day. Whee!!!

29 June : i ♥ almond gold! yum!!!!

29 June : i can't wait to use you! Ü

The following night, the last night of June, I drove off to Grand View Heights to meet up with Janice, the lovely lady who used to wax my legs and eyebrows, way back when I had enough disposable funds to, well .. dispose of. She shaped my eyebrows again, and I felt really really pretty on the last night of June. A great way to end the month!

30 June : Janice Benseman - Beauty Therapist


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