Training Update

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but at the insistence of Photo Club Friend (who thought I was wasting too much time playing candy crush on my mobile devices), I secured the services of a personal trainer. Photo Club Friend referred his own personal trainer (PCF is preparing to participate in some basketball tournament in Italy in August) and I stepped out of my comfort zone and got in touch with him.

Personal Trainer (PT) and I met a few weeks back and he asked me what my fitness goals were (I said I wanted to be a bit more fit, meaning – be able to run without dying after 10 steps; tone my mushkels, and perhaps gain a bit of strength).Based on this PT created a workout program for me to follow – just 8 exercises that I can do in the comfort of my own home (no need for fancy equipment, and I also don’t need to join a gym) and part of the programme was that he’ll monitor my food intake (gulp!).

So anyway, that was about 6 weeks ago. On our first session, he took my measurements and showed me how to do the exercises he had envisioned for me, and asked me to do the same (so he can correct my form and give me pointers). Since then I have been (doing my best to) “working out” and monitoring my food intake.

Today, I met up with him again for a catch up. He asked how my exercises were going, and I said it’s doing fine and that I’m enjoying the squats (at which point he goes, “huh? no one enjoys squats”), I’m still kinda wobly with the lunges and that I’ve increased the reps on my press ups. After the consultation, he then took my measurements (again) and then he asked me to perform those three exercises in front of him and he said:

  1. my form when I’m doing squats is purrfect;
  2. my feet are too close together when I do the lunges – which is why I get so wobbly; and
  3. form wise, my press ups are okay.

He then suggested that I vary my exercise routine a bit and that:

  1. when doing squats, I hold my position at bottom for at least 2 counts (or go lower);
  2. have a wider stance when I do my lunges and
  3. include my hips when I do my press ups (starting off at 10).

MEH! I don’t think I’ll have issues with 1 and 2 – but I think 3 will be a challenge. I think what we’re aiming for is for me to be able to do proper press ups (or push ups) where my arms support my entire body.

Anyway, I just heard back from him again – he said he’ll email me the before and after measurements so I can see how much I’ve progressed and …

Weight: from 63.9 kg to 63.8 kg (probably would have been lower had I not pigged out over the weekend – but hey! it’s was my birthday week!)

Narrow Waist: from 80.5 cm to 78 cm (don’t ask me what these are in inches)

Belly Button Waist: from 86.5 cm to 80 cm (reached the goal of losing 5 cm from that area)

Hips: from 97 cm to 95.5 cm

Right Thigh: from 47.5 cm to 46 cm

Left Thigh: from 48.5 cm to 46 cm

YUZH! Not bad considering I only do my exercises three times a week! Yes, I am now a happy mouse! This, of course, has inspired me to continue on with my exercises and, when the weather improves (when it’s not as dark in the evenings), I can go back to running / jogging again. My goal is to run 5 kms without stopping. To some that’s a breeze, but for someone who is allergic to any form of physical activity (read: me), that would be a big achievement.


One comment on “Training Update

  1. carmi says:

    Speaking of 5-kms run as your goal – a friend thought that she should get herself a dog and name him/her ‘5 miles”. So she can tell her friends she walks “5 miles” everyday. “DUH”

    Your have good results – cm-wise. Keep on working at it girl.

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