It’s actually been several weeks since I turned a year older and, I had wanted to blog about what I did that day but the next three weeks were just a blur! June is the end of the Financial Year in the place I work for so it was all busy busy busy – I had to prepare a lot of documents that had to be ready by 1st July! Of course there was the crazy storm on the 20th and 21st of June and the joint birthday celebration on the 22nd (up in Auckland), and then coming back to Wellington, my training date with my trainer (that, I was able to blog about), dinner with Harry’s friend on Wednesday, and … more stuff for work. I’ve only managed to breathe easy and go home while there’s still light out yesterday!

Anyway, my birthday …

I had my birthday all planned out. I had purchased a ticket for Phantom of the Opera at St. James Theatre and booked a table at Logan Brown. I also had my hair appointment scheduled that morning so I’d look absolutely fab on my big day and — I am so pleased that God had made all those possible. The day was absolutely perfect (well, apart from the fact that I celebrated it on my own – but that’s a minor detail).

I’ll talk about Phantom of the Opera in another post but first … LOGAN BROWN!

Logan Brown's Interior

Logan Brown’s Interior

Bistro Menu for the night

Bistro Menu for the night

Can I just say that I had the most magnificent dining experience … EVAH!! I had planned on dining at Logan Brown for my birthday because it’s supposed to be THE Ultimate Restaurant in Wellington. I always walk past it on my way to and from work, and with it does look quite intimidating and imposing. It exuded a very “posh” aura – typical of any white-tablecloth establishment. So … I booked a table (sadly, a table for one) as early as March, I think … so I would have ample time to save up for what I had expected to be an expensive meal. However, when I checked the prices listed on their website, I was pleasantly surprised that, even if I didn’t have the Bistro Menu, I would still be able to afford their food. They weren’t as pricey as I thought they would be. One of the ladies at work told me (after the dinner) that Logan Brown was supposed to be a regular dining place but – for one reason or another, people thought that it was THE Priciest restaurant in Wellington.

~ * ~

My Meal

Apple Smoked Ora King Salmon with White Navy Beans, Za’atar Wafer & Endive Salad

Slow Cooked Pirinoa Lamb Shoulder with Cauliflower Cheese, Garlic Kale & Mint Syrup

Orange & Vanilla Mousse, Mulled Wine Pear & Almond Sable

~ * ~

So anyway, I ordered and when my food came, I tried to (as discreetly as possible) take photos of my plate. Here are the pics! I had Lemon Lime and Bitters (their own brew which was absolutely divine!), salmon salad for starters (salmon which just melted in your mouth), lamb shoulder for mains (perfectly cooked, tender and tasty), and mouse for dessert (and the chef even wrote “Happy Birthday” on my plate! – very thoughtful gesture – thanks!). I had an amazingly yummy meal! I was quite concerned that they didn’t have any salt and pepper shakers on the table but – when I started nibbling on my meal, I realised why – the food was cooked to perfection.

BUT … what I loved most about Logan Brown was their impeccable service. I came in a good half an hour earlier than my schedule. The restaurant was open, but the kitchen wasn’t yet (the bar was, but since I don’t drink, hanging out by the bar wasn’t an option), however, the lady at the counter didn’t turn me away or ask me to come back later (which I kind of expected to happen). She let me sit at my table and even gave me reading material (culinary magazines, which made my mouth water even more – kinda hoped they’d hand me tabloids, I wanted to catch up on my gossip) to while away the time! The staff were courteous and helpful (without being pushy about their products) and I was observing them as they attended to other patrons, they were just amazing. They were like “ninjas!” – I can’t explain it. They anticipated the needs of the patrons and attended to those needs without being asked. If they saw that the water glasses were running low, they’d just fill them up; they’d quietly remove unused plates and cutlery without making a fuss (not saying that other staff at other dining places would make a big show out of clearing the table – the staff at Logan Brown just did their jobs with so much finesse). It’s a bit hard to describe but – all I can say is that the service they provided was just perfect.

Would I dine at Logan Brown again – good grief! IN A HEARTBEAT! Not just because the food is good, but because of the entire dining experience. I would definitely recommend Logan Brown to anyone and everyone.

So that’s it – That’s one of the things I splurged on when I turned *ehem*-ty eight. Here’s to a year (and many more) of splurging! Hahahaha!



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