Who Sang it Better?

On my birthday, I watched The Phantom of the Opera Musical at the St James Theatre and have been HAUNTED by it since then. I’m familiar with the story. I’ve read the book, listened to the songs – as a matter of fact, I’ve been listening to the melodies since the 1990’s and I even have the musical score (not that I played any of the tunes – wishful thinking on my part) – I’ve seen the film, actually – I’ve seen several films on this, not just the Gerard Butler / Emmy Rossum version – and now, I have come full circle – I’ve seen the stage production. It was amazing!

Anyway, after seeing the film, I was (once again) intrigued by the “sequel” which I knew was produced and came out sometime in 2010 / 2011. I remember seeing it advertised on the newspapers – Air New Zealand was offering complete packages (airfare, accommodation and theatre tickets) for the Australian production of Love Never Dies and I recall turning my nose up on it because – it just didn’t make sense. The new production was set in the United States 10 years after a fire consumed Opera Populaire. I just thought – how silly! No way am I going to watch that – even if someone gave me tickets. HAH! I ended up eating my words. Three years later, here I am kicking myself for NOT flying over to Aussie to catch the performance.

ANYHU … Here are clips of the Ramin Karimloo and Ben Lewis, the two actors who portrayed the Phantom in the London and Australian productions respectively, singing LND’s main song, “Til I Hear You Sing”. Both versions give me the chills!

(Official MTV of the song – which makes everything perfect)

(Amateur footage of Ben Lewis singing it at a Press Conference, I think)

(Clip from the DVD – which I have a copy of)

I think Ben’s voice is better suited for the more mature Phantom, but Ramin’s voice just … holds so much emotion.

MAN! I really NEED TO WIN that Mamma Mia DVD auction on Trademe. Watching another musical is the only way I’ll get over my fixation on the songs of Love Never Dies.


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