Saturday Morning Walk

After 10 million years (well, 3 months actually), I’ve finally decided to go back to “running”. Notice that I wrote “running” with quotation marks and italicised for emphasis? It’s because I hardly call what I did this morning as that. I walked / ran / ambled along … and got lost – but it was still a good session.

My Route!

My Route!

I downloaded the Zombies, Run! App on iOS and have been using that for motivation. In case you haven’t heard of ZR, it’s a role-playing app set in a post-apocalyptic city which is now overrun by snarling zombies. You’re Runner 5, one of the runners of Abel Township and you have missions to complete on every run – where you pick up items and also evade zombies.

Anyway, I have that (finished Season 1, thank you – though I honestly walked for most part of it), and Zombies, Run! 5K Training – that’s the programme I’m presently on. I’ve just finished Day 3 of Week 6 and I have 2 more weeks of training to go. The end goal is for me to run 5K — without collapsing. I did fairly well in March – I would go out and “train” every other day and would have finished the whole programme by mid May had Winter not set in. Hehehe. There’s no way I’m going to run when it’s freezing cold, windy and very wet.  Wouldn’t want to catch a cold, or worse – slip on wet ground and twist an ankle.

How I fared ...

How I fared …

Not bad really – considering I haven’t had any significant physical exercise since May (well, I do walk from the train station to my workplace – and back – every day. That’s 30 minutes of walking each way!). The first 10 minute free form was a bit difficult for me. I ended up running 3 minutes, huffed and puffed my way to the 5th minute and had a leisurely jog until the 10th Minute. The dips you see just after the 15 minute mark were the times I stopped to do half squats. Then I ran again from perhaps the 17 minute mark to the 27 minute mark. Then I slowed down to figure out where I was and then walked uphill and – hahaha – kept walking and went on occasional short runs when I felt I could handle it. I had an hour-long work out and burnt 400+ calories in the process! YEY!

So … if the weather is fine tomorrow, I might go out for a quick run / walk session again! Though I probably won’t walk as far as Awarua Street at Ngaio. I might just turn back when I reach Simla Crescent. I don’t want to get lost again. 🙂


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