Status Update: Still Wheezing

“Hey, there’s not a cloud in the sky” – so goes that song from the 90’s and since it was bright and sunny (albeit a wee bit chilly – still, but that’s expected because it’s still Winter) I went out for a “run” again. I did my calisthenics first, the home-based exercises my trainer has selected for me, and went out to try my luck with zombies again. As expected, I am still out of shape (but seriously, when have I ever been in shape? I’ve never really seriously exercised before) but I think I am improving.

Week 7 Day 1

Week 7 Day 1

Decided to veer away from my usual route today. Didn’t want to go all around Khandallahlah land like I did yesterday. If I were to base my stats today with that of yesterday, notwithstanding the distance and the duration, I think I kinda improved. My average speed is 0.08 km/h slower than yesterday, but I think that’s expected considering I wasn’t walking / running downhill for most of this day’s run (and that my muscles are still somewhat sore from yesterday’s session and this morning’s squats and lunges). My average pace, however, is 0.07 seconds faster! WOW! Move over Hussein Bolt!

Just to make it more interesting ...

Just to make it more interesting …

Heeheehee … isn’t my graph so lovely? Unfortunately, I still can’t run continuously for an extended period of time – maybe it’s because the thought of running uphill is just too daunting at the moment, or maybe it’s because I haven’t been running, maybe it’s also because I didn’t have a drink before heading out (I was thirsty but at least I didn’t blow my nose as much) and maybe it’s also because I kept thinking of what breakfast I’ll have when I get back. I was choosing between scrambled eggs and ham, and cereal with yoghurt. I ended up with the latter because I had about a cup of milk that needed to be consumed before it curdled.

Oh well … at least I made an effort – and that beats not making any effort any time, any day. No runs this week, at least not until Saturday, and that is if we have good weather in the Capital.


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