And the results are in …

On Tuesday, I met up with my personal trainer” (yuzh, I have one. apparently, you don’t need to earn as much as Kim Kardashian to be able to afford the services of a Personal Trainer) as part of our regular catch up sessions. I started a programme with him about 12 weeks ago and he’s been diligently monitoring my weight, measurements, exercises and my diet.

Anyway, he’s just emailed me my statistics and apparently, I’ve lost so much since we started way back in … late May? According to his trusty record book:

  • weight: now @ 62.3 down by 1.6 kg
  • narrow waist: now at 77.5 cm down by 3 cm
  • belly button: now @ 78 cm down by 8.5 cm – WHOOHOO!!!
  • hips: now @ 94 cm down by 3 cm
  • right thigh: now @ 46.5 cm down by 1 cm
  • left thigh: now @ 47 cm down by 1.5 cm

Maybe I should not change out of my “suck the tummy in” workout clothes I was wearing last Tuesday. Hehehehe! But seriously, that is so inspiring! I am so going to continue with this – and I hope to be able to run 5K (non-stop) soon.

Here’s to being fitter!


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