Day 1 of Week 8!

Well … since the rain stopped and the sun decided to say “Hellow Waikatow!” I thought I’d go out and give Day 1 of Week 8 a go. I haven’t done any significant physical activities in the past week (apart from the usual walk to and from work) so I knew I needed to do something and I expected to huff and puff again. Meh!

WEH?! 7.52 kms? You're joking!

WEH?! 7.52 kms? You’re joking!

So, out I went. I managed the first 5 minute walk just fine, then the 5 minute free form run as well, and the 3 minute stretching. HOWEVER, when the voice in my head said the next run would be 20 minutes long – I freaked. I ended up alternating between walking, running, wondering why my legs were hurting then realising I forgot to do my warm-up stretches, and taking pictures for that duration. Then I stopped again to “stretch my muskels” and attempted to run the rest of the way.

Those dips were when I stopped to stretch and take pictures.

Those dips were when I stopped to stretch and take pictures.

I guess it’s still not that bad. If the GPS thingie on my Zombies Run App is accurate then that’s not a bad session! But, I really need to conquer the little voice in my head that says “STOP! Your legs are hurting!” and just go for it otherwise I won’t improve. 😦 Besides, if I do want to participate in Wellington’s very own Zombie Run event, I need to run. There’s a video clip on the link which looks pretty awesome! Goodness! I’ll know what Daryl Dixon (my love) and Michonne and the rest of the guys in The Living Dead feel when they’re being chased by Zoms. I bet I’ll be screaming most of the way.

ANYWAY … pictures!

And as for my silly hypothesis, that I can run 5kms if the ground is flat … Let’s just say, it still needs to be tested.


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