@ The Farm

Drab and Dreary :(

Drab and Dreary 😦

I arrived at the Farm this morning, at about 10:20 am – and it really is good to be back. Strange as it may seem, I actually felt quite excited when I drove into the motorway leading to Hamilton. The drive down from Auckland took me about an hour and, as soon as I got here, I immediately let the doggies out and fed the birds. Then I got myself settled in my “old” room – which, by the way has been nicely done up. I would have gone outside to enjoy the surroundings but unfortunately, the weather decided to NOT cooperate today. I came home to overcast skies and, though there were moments of sunshine, after I finished watching the DVD, it poured. Oh well – I guess I’ll just have to do my exercises indoors and wait until the weather is better before I attempt to go out on a “run”.

The foul weather also means I have more time to fiddle around with my big camera and the little one I got yesterday. These are photos taken using the P&S. Not bad aye?

Kitchen Fireplace

Kitchen Fireplace

Orchids in the Kitchen

Orchids in the Kitchen

Anyway – since I don’t think the weather will improve any time soon, I might as well start preparing my dinner (yes, at 2:00 pm) – that way I will have time to watch the replay of the Chiefs vs Brumbies match and do other chores.

OH … OH … Remember that I’ve been “training” so I can evade zombies? Well … apparently there’ll be a zombie run in Wellington in October. HOMAYGES! I think I will sign up!!! (as a zombie).

Link here: http://zombierun.co.nz/content/wellington



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