Day 3 – In The City

Yesterday was supposed to be Camera Day – Stuff that, it was more Sleep and watch DVDs and Rugby Re-Runs Day! The weather was just so foul you couldn’t do anything outdoors, and it was too chilly to even move.

Today was more productive. I went to Hamilton (about 45 minutes drive south of where I am now) to do some errands and … I COMPLETED THEM ALL! I was able to sort out some personal stuff in the morning, meet up with a friend over lunch, buy a camera case for my fancy-shmancy new point&shoot camera, finish more personal stuff in the afternoon, have a pretti-fication (yes, that’s a new term I’ve coined together” session later in the afternoon, meet up with another friend for early dinner, and buy the stuff I need for my BIG BAKING DAY Tomorrow!

Yes! I intend to do some baking tomorrow. If my experiments turn out okay, I will post pictures. If not – well – I obviously will just keep that too myself.

No pictures today – actually, I have a couple but they’re on my phone and I’m just too tired out to send them to my email address, download and upload them again so — meh! Sorry.

Maybe tomorrow!


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