Recovering …

Sometime between Sunday and Wednesday morning, I managed to catch a bug which rendered me almost useless on Wednesday and Thursday. I say almost because I was still able to bake, and feed the animals, and putter around the house but I had a niggling headache and kept clearing my throat and coughing the whole day through. I’m much better now though. As the title said, I’m recovering. I’m still sniffling and I’ve decided to forego the DVD (I was planning on having another DVD marathon today) and just stay in the kitchen where there’s a fire going. I need to keep warm.

ANYWAY – Last night was probably the worst night EVAH! Not only did I harass G&S at 9:30 in the evening – silly Pepi kept barking and she doesn’t do that so naturally, I kinda freaked! So I rang Susan to ask if she could just drive by to see if everything is all right. She then asked Graham to come over and he did and thankfully, all was all right. So embarrassing though –  I had a really really bad cough and sore throat situation. I was afraid to cough or swallow because I knew my throat would hurt. So … somewhere between midnight and 3:00 am in the morning, I got up and made myself a saline wash. I remember being told to gargle with salt and water when I was younger, and I thought maybe that would help ease my “suffering”. And you know what … it did. Not immediately though, but I did feel a bit relieved afterwards.

This morning, I gargled again with salt and water and so far, I think I’m doing well. I don’t think I’m getting cured, but it does alleviate the discomfort a bit. I’m also feasting on chicken arroz caldo (which is THE BEST comfort-food when you’re sick). I think I have enough for the rest of the day – and also tomorrow.

So yeah – I’m recovering. I hope to be much much better later today or tomorrow – at least before I head off to Wellington on Sunday.


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