Rainbow Week

Yes, last week was Rainbow week. WHY? Well, Monday (19th August)  was the first day same-sex couples can legally get married in New Zealand! Hurrah! And to celebrate this week, I’ve decided to take photos based on the colours of the rainbow. How cute is that? So, these are my pics, and a bit of story around each:


Took the car to the garage to have the pesky leak checked out. Landlord / Housemate keeps bugging me about it and honestly, I don’t think it’s because he’s overly concerned about my safety (in case it’s an oil leak or a brake leak) but because the drippings would stain the concrete floor of the garage. Well, it wasn’t either – according to the lady, some cylinder near the wheel has a crack and it was leaking grease. When you have a car, you have to accept that sometimes, you have to deal with unexpected repairs.


Since I’m still coughing and sniffling (I must have contracted the martian strain of the cough and cold virus because it’s just horrible!) and since I’ve been given permission to use the perishable items in the cupboard, I munched on these oranges in a (vain) attempt to get well. The doctor said it’s a virus, as such,  I can’t do anything but sit and wait for it to run its course. He did give me a whole lot of pain killers and anti-inflammatory capsules to help me through this week.


Codeine didn’t work. Doctor said that Codeine, the super strong pain reliever he prescribed, would make me drowsy and help me sleep better at night. NOPE! Didn’t work. I still woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night coughing my lungs out. I’m so thankful I’m house-sitting at a friend’s place and not at the flat. I think Landlord / Housemate would get upset if I coughed up a storm and woke everyone up (cat included).


Finally getting comfortable in this new environment. I’m staying here for 5 weeks while my friend’s away on holiday. House sitting has made me realise how much I miss having my own space – having my own routine. Yes, it will be more expensive than flatting but – I don’t think you can put a price on that sense of “independence”. Hey, don’t get me wrong. Flatting’s great, but – I think it’s just not for me.


But since I’m still not 100% okay, I’ve decided to not drop by the Wellington Night Market and just go straight home. I know the weather was great – it wasn’t raining, there was a bit of wind but nothing too strong – but, I just can’t. They cook food out in the open at the night market. I can’t spread my germs to others by coughing and wheezing where food is being prepared. It’s just not right.

Quite disappointing though. I had my heart set on having the chicken with peanut sauce and squished roti. Oh well — next week then. The Wellington Night Market will be there again next week anyway, and by then, I’ll have more funds to spare to buy foodies!! I’ll definitely have that roti dish, and perhaps a dark chocolate crepe! I think I deserve that.

Can’t Wait!



Even though it was a magnificent day, I just stayed indoors – well, I did go out at 3:30 to buy food, but apart from that and when I put the washing out to dry (and when I got them back in again) – I was cooped up inside the house.  I spent most of the day on the internet, as evidenced by the photo, and later that evening, after eating dinner (bolognese – yeah! i can still cook) I watched Mamma Mia on DVD and slept early. Aaaah … the life!


Decided to go out for a walk today – I figured maybe a little exercise, a bit of sunshine and some fresh air would do me good. Since I’m new to the Miramar region, I opted to just go down the Maupuia Walkway (from Akaroa Drive to Prison Road and back). It was a nice walk – took me about three quarters of an hour to do the circuit (probably shorter had I not stopped to take photos of pretty little flowers). If we continue to have great weather this entire week, I’ll try to go for walks every afternoon.

So that’s my entire week. I hope next week would be heaps heaps better.


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