Stalled …

No, I haven’t been exercising – I haven’t been running and I’m so looking forward to being a wee bit more active again. My health hasn’t been that great – the virus I caught must be of a martian strain because it has taken me AGES to get over it. I’ve just stopped sniffling and coughing – and it’s been 6 weeks since I first caught the bug! I actually got better but – I had a relapse. Special thanks to Wellington’s fickle weather for that. One day it’s warm and sunny – the next day it’s freezing cold. BOO! But … I can honestly say that I really am on the mend and – once I move back into my main domicile I can go back to walking at least an hour a day, and perhaps having a short run / calisthenics session in the afternoon. I need to start preparing because I do intend to join the Round the Bays event in February. I’m hoping to run 7 kms under 45 minutes. I won’t be able to participate in Zombie Run Wellington as a runner, but I am confirmed as a race-day volunteer.

So anyway – since I’ve made up my mind to run in February, I need to get back in shape. I’ve started eating rabbit food again (salads) and foregoing chocolates (huhuhuhu). Will have to shop wisely tonight, when I’m at the supermarket. Must remember to veer away from the snack food section.

Here’s hoping I won’t get stalled again!


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