Just got back from meeting with my trainer and we discussed how he’ll prepare me for the 7km run I said I wanted to complete in February. He asked me how many days a week I can commit to running, and I said 3 at the very least (Saturday, Sunday and one day during the week). He said that’s fine but … I can’t miss any of those days – whatever the weather, I will have to go out and run. (YIKES!)

He said I’ll have to go on a medium run midweek, a medium run on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. He asked me if I prefer to measure my runs by distance (kms) or time (hrs / minutes), I said I think I prefer to measure it by time so he said he’ll prepare a programme which I will need to follow religiously. He’ll send my programme in 6 week intervals, so as not to freak me out (actually, I asked that it be done that way). So there – that’s done. I’m on my way to icky toes and a firmer bum. Hahaha! Will probably post my progress here so I can see how much I have improved (or not).

Maybe I should post a before and after photo so I can see how much my physique can change after 23 weeks of running — hmmm … let me stew on that for a while.

ANYWAY … lookit what I received today!


aren’t they pretty?

FLOWERS! No, unfortunately, not from a secret admirer. It’s from Max’s (cute doggie from previous post, the one I dog-sat over the weekend) owners. It’s their way of thanking me for looking over their doggie. Aw … I don’t mind taking care of their pup. He’s an angel.

Well – at least I got flowers. Not from the the right person, but I still received flowers and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Have a great midweek!

PS. Will need to sort out my categories. They’re a mess!


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