And so it begins … TODAY!

Yes! My 23 week running programme starts today! OMGoodness – I’m kinda stoked! Trainer said I would have to forget all about the Zombie-Running progress I’ve made (bummer) and I’ll have to start from scratch. So today (or tonight) I’m supposed to go on a 20 minute workout alternating between 2 minute walks and 1 minute runs. I think I can do that – easy peasy! I could already run for 15 solid minutes (i know it’s not much, but it is for someone who is “allergic” to exercise) so 1 minute runs shouldn’t be too hard. And then I have another run on Saturday and a slightly longer run on Sunday. I asked Trainer if I could run longer – and he said he’d rather that I stick to the programme he’s developed (okay, fine!) so that’s what I’ll do. I’ll be on my Zombie Run app though – because that’s the only app I have that will tell me how much time I’ve already spent walking / running. It will be good to collect supplies too, along the way.

Anyway, I have my “running attire” in my backpack – so, instead of heading straight to the train station, I’ll go the opposite direction. I intend to run from Frank Kitts towards the Te Papa area and then when I’m done with my 20 minute session, walk back towards the railway station and then go home.  And then it’s THURSDAY! One more day til the weekend!  Oh my … time does fly!


The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. And astray it went last night! I had planned to leave work at exactly 4:30 so I can go on Day 1 of my running programme and still have time to have a nice meal when I get home. Well – what do you know … I had to work late last night! Meh! BUT …that did not stop me from going on my 20-minute work-out. So … YEY TO ME!

Here are my stats:

Not bad -- and I collected 16 items too!

Not bad — and I collected 16 items too!

And my graph and route map (I went walked back and forth several times at the train station because I wanted to keep moving while the Mission was still playing). I can’t believe Season 3 will be released soon – I haven’t even started on Season 2!!

The peaks were when i had to do my 60-second runs

The peaks were when i had to do my 60-second runs

Day 2 is on Saturday.


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