Day 2 DONE!

Yes,  I have (somewhat) successfully completed Day 2 of my training programme. Still just 20 minutes worth of walks and runs but hey – I have to build up my strength and endurance. Those things don’t just appear magically, do they? Anyway – all I can say is the 2nd day proved to be challenging too.

Remember on my 1st day, my plans went awry because I had to stay in late for work? Well today, I didn’t have to work (being a Saturday, I had the day all to myself), however, the silly app I was using was not working properly!!!! I had to stop and restart the “mission” three times during my 20 minute work out – which is why my stats are so wonky! Therefore, instead of posting the summary, I will just post the aggregate totals, which don’t look too bad (i think).

Distance “Travelled”: 3.83 kms
Total Time: 37 min & 49 seconds (let’s round it off to 38 – I walked the last 18 minutes)
Calories Burnt: 224 (yuzh!)

AND THEN, about half an hour afterwards, I went on another walk. My sister purchased something off Trademe and she asked me to pick it up. The seller’s house is just up the hill from where I live so, instead of driving up, I just walked up (I was kind to the environment). I had to stop the app once – because I stood outside the seller’s door while waiting for him to give me my sister’s pillow. Oh! Correction, I had to restart the programme when I got home – because for some reason it stopped. Once again aggregate totals below:

Distance “Travelled”: 3.05 kms
Total Time: 32 min & 47 seconds (let’s round it off to 33 – walked all the way through)
Calories Burnt: 177 (yebah!)

LATER THAT EVENING, since I was late for the 5:30 pm mass at the Cathedral, I decided to just go to the Vigil Mass at Johnsonville. Again, because I wanted to be kind to the environment, and also because I didn’t want to waste my time waiting for the train to arrive, I decided to just walk. Programme worked well this time (thank goodness!).

My summary:

I collected 11 items! Must check my town.

I collected 11 items! Must check my town.

And my graph:

Just a leisurely walk to town.

Just a leisurely walk to town.

Hmmm … not a bad Day 2, I think. Tomorrow is Day 3 – I’m supposed to run a bit longer (30 minutes, instead of just 20) but still alternating my 2 minutes walks with 1 minute bursts of speed. I think I can do that. I’ll go my usual route and head off towards Simla Crescent – then walk back up. Looking forward to this!

By the way, Wednesday’s forecast is rain (or maybe showers). Blegh! The heavens are conspiring against me and my training programme – but just you wait! I shall still go on my 20-minute work out even if it’s raining (as long as it’s not bucketing down – I think that’s a different story).


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