Week 1 Complete!

Whoohoo! Week 1 of my 23-week programme is complete! I got up at 8:00 and was out of the door ready to do 30 minutes of walk-run drills (10 minutes longer than the last 2 workouts) and I did it! I mucked up my running app again though – but I can’t blame the app this time, it was all me. I inadvertently pressed the “Pause” button and for the life of me (thanks to the new fangled interface) could not figure out how to resume play! There were three buttons at the bottom of the screen, a “play” arrow right next to the “restart mission” key and a “stop mission” key. I probably should have pressed “play” but since it was next to the restart mission key i was afraid i’d have to start all over again. Silly silly me. Oh well. At least all I missed out on were the last 8 minutes of the story (last 4 minutes of my workout – the story extended more than 30 minutes).

Anyway … summary of my run (at least the main one):


Is this for real? Is my average speed really 6.83km/hr?

And the fancy-schmancy graph:


The peaks are when I had to do my 1-minute runs. I think I was going up hill on the last two peaks. Hehehe.

So that’s that for week 1! Week 2 starts on Wednesday and according to what Mr. Trainer sent me, I’m supposed to do another 20-minute workout (2:1 still). Changes slightly on Saturday where, instead of walking for 2 minutes and running the next minute, I have to walk 90 seconds – this will drive me crazy! I’ll have to do mental math while doing my exercises?! Too much … just too much! 🙂

Well – now that that’s done, I can now do other things (write another article, review my notes for tomorrow’s presentation, perhaps take some pictures). One good thing about having too many activities is that I have to make every minute matter. Can’t afford to fluff around otherwise I’ll end up with a lot of unfinished chores at the end of the month which would stress me out. Now that I have a schedule, a routine … perhaps juggling all these tasks would be easier.

At any rate, have a great Sunday!

Btw, I think it’s time to change the music on my playlist. Have to trawl through my music files for “angry” songs that will make me want to be more active. 


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