Take that Cold Weather!

Crappy weather at the Capital today. Not only was it wet and windy, it was wintry cold too! I swear, I thought I went back about a month and a half in time when I walked out of the house this morning – it felt like the middle of winter. Brrrr! I even skipped walking to work because of the weather – and that hardly ever happens! Sorry, but having horizontal rain and sleet beating down on me was not how I wanted to start my day.

I rode the bus to work, and it was quite a wonderful experience. It was my first time to ride one of those buses that were connected to cables. I think, not only is the inside of the bus heated, the seats get warmed too! I swear I could feel my seat getting warmer as we drove through Welly’s winding streets. Quite comfy. 🙂

Thankfully, the nasty weather somewhat eased later in the day. Not sure when though, because I was cooped up in my little area at work (no windows to the outside world, but I can see through the window of the room across the hall from mine). Since it wasn’t raining when I left the office, I was able to start Week 2 of my 23-week programme. I would have done my workout even if it were raining cats and dogs, AND wintry cold. I told / promised Mr. Trainer Person that I would follow his programme and NOT miss any of my running days. (Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing this – hihihi).

So – I did 20 minutes today. Still 2 minutes of walking to 1 minute of running though – but that changes on Saturday. I think I did fairly okay – not too impressed with my “speed” though. It is quite difficult having to run against the wind with an umbrella (folded though) in one hand, and the phone (not for texting or checking status messages on Facebook, just to keep track of the time) in the other. Never mind the backpack swaying like a pendulum behind me – that I can deal with.

My summary stats:

Darn it! I was already doing 6.83 km / hour!

Darn it! I was already doing 6.83 km / hour!

AND the fancy graph:

Peaks are a bit wonky - thanks to the app stopping for a minute or so.

Peaks are a bit wonky – thanks to the app stopping for a minute or so.

Funny though – I think the Universe is still conspiring to stop me from achieving my goal! Why? Well – I seem to be hitting road blocks! There was having to work late last Wednesday; then there’s the app conking out on me several times during my workout last Saturday; the windy weather on Sunday (that wasn’t too bad); and today, these (apart from the foul weather) happened:

  • I didn’t have my earphones. I have two sets and both were not in my bag!
  • Just after I started, a tourist stopped me and asked for directions to Circa Theatre.
  • The umbrella I put inside my backpack almost fell out so I had to slow down and just hold the brolly in my hand (which made me press a key on my phone which paused my app for about 1 minute and a half – so I had extra “walking time” – Bummer).
  • PLUS! I had side stitches! I haven’t had that for a long time! It must be the lunch I had but I only had a cup of rice, a roti and grilled chicken (with lots of veggies and bit of peanut sauce). And I had lunch at 12:30 and did my workout at 5:30 – surely whatever I consumed would have been digested by then.

Meh! But I guess, what matters most is that I still persevered – even though it was cold, even though I couldn’t hear what was happening in the app, even though I looked silly running around while holding an umbrella.

On to Saturday then!


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