Still Going!

It rained incessantly at the Capital yesterday and the forecast for this weekend wasn’t the great either. So I was (again) prepared to run in the rain … however, the God of Running must be looking favourably on me because sometime between the time I went to bed and the time I got up, the rain stopped – and the sun came out too! Perfect day to go on my “workout”!  So I got into the appropriate workout outfit, put on my white and bright pink runners, plugged in my earphones and listened to Mission S3 (7th if you count consecutively) while I went about doing my “thang”.

Shorter walking sessions today, 90 seconds of walk to every minute of running. I think my brain had a hard time processing the intervals – I had to keep making 3/4 circles in the air using my index finger to figure out when I would stop walking and start running. I think I got the sequence right – at least that’s what the graph is showing.

Anyway … summary of my walk:


Average sped still dismally slow – but I burnt 243 calories! (YEY!)

And my fancy graph:


By the 6th “peak” I was obviously out of breath (or going uphill)

Had to run an extra 15 seconds though, because I completed the last “walk” at 19:15 … I had 45 seconds until the end of the programme – so I ran until 20:15 (1 minute, as instructed) – and then walked until I heard the robotic voice say “Mission Completed, Starting Radio Mode” – and until Pink finished belting out “Don’t Let Me Get Me.”.

So, I’ll have another go at the workout tomorrow – but I’ll have a longer session, 30 minutes instead of 20 doing the same alternating activities and I’ll be done with week 2! I’m meeting with Mr. Trainer Person on Tuesday for our regular catch-up sessions. Not sure if he’ll be wielding the tape measure – but if he does, and my measurements increase from the last time – I won’t be too fussed.


Anyway, this is what greeted me this morning. Beautiful, ain’t it? Unfortunately, I don’t think the glorious weather is going to last long. The sky’s suddenly gotten slightly overcast – but tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny.

Good Morning!!

Good Morning!!



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