I’m really bad at math!

Meh! I knew something was not right yesterday – I couldn’t pinpoint it but something just didn’t feel right. And guess what, this morning, as I started on Day 6 of my 2-million-day-programme (it’s actually 3 x 23 but I can’t be bothered to do multiplication at the moment, even though my calculator and my phone(s) are very well within reach), I realised that I didn’t run walk 90 seconds to every minute of run yesterday but … 75 seconds of walking to every minute of “speed” (HOMAYGESS! I’m so silly!). I don’t know how I came to that realisation – all I know was that when I started walking it just dawned on me that 90 seconds is one and a half turns in the clock face – not 1 1/4! Boo! Maybe that’s the reason I felt out of breath yesterday (Yes, I’m making excuses for my not-so-great-but-gradually-improving-fitness-level). I hope Mr. Trainer Person (who, incidentally, has now started to follow my blog) will forgive me for the mental lapse.

ANYWAY … on to my status update! I started a bit late today, I’m normally out of the house by 8:00 but, since today’s supposed to be shot-full-of-sunshine, I decided to wash my sheets first before I head out and do my workout. I figured, the more time those sheets are exposing themselves to the harmful UV-rays of the sun, the better. So after I put them all out to dry, I went on and listened to Mission 8 (or 5 – excluding the last 3 side missions) while I did the correct walk-run sequence.


Oohlalah! – Average Speed has picked up a little!

I swear that was the LAMEST Zombies, Run! mission I’ve ever listened to! The story was about gathering barbed wire to replace a fence at Abel and while doing so, Runner 5 (that’s me!) and Archie (make believe doctor who’s gone to run with me) find chickens roaming outside comms hut enclosure and … oh well, to make a long story short, Archie goes cuckoo over the chooks and keeps one, it escapes and runs into the enclosure only to be blown up to bits by land mines. I couldn’t wait for the mission to end. Thank goodness it wasn’t one of those paid missions otherwise I would have demanded for my money back.

Sorry, going back to my so-called-progress, my fancier graph below:


Why on earth is the third peak lower than the rest? Where was I then?

As you can plainly see from my little map, I have been avoiding the dreadful uphill trek that is Boxhill. I don’t think I’m ready for “The Climb” just yet. Don’t worry, I’ll conquer Boxhill (and other hills in the hilly region that is Wellington) soon enough – I’m just pacing myself. I’ll look at going up Boxhill on my workout for week starting 4th November. I hope to have built enough strength and endurance by then.

So that’s my morning! I’ve accomplished heaps! I’ve washed and changed my sheets, went on my workout, had breakfast, prepared food and packed my lunch for the next three days and have updated my blog! Whoohoo! And it’s only 10:45 am! I have enough time to write an entry for my travel blog and get my washing in before I head off to Lighthouse Cuba to watch Gravity.

Have a happy Sunday all!


PS. And I’ve just realised that my wordpress time settings is all wonky! Meh! 


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