On to Week 3!

Short workout today … if I’m not mistaken, today would be the last of my 20-minute 2-minute walk then 1-minute run sessions (checks schedule sent by Mr. Trainer Person to confirm) – Yes, it is. On Saturday, I go back to doing 90-seconds of walking to every 60-seconds of running but Mr. TP increased the time to 25 minutes. I see what you’re doing here Mr. TP! Gradually increasing the workout sessions and shortening the walking time so I wouldn’t notice that I’m actually already running 200 miles every time I get up. Well, not 200 miles – I’d be happy with 2 miles!

Summary of my stats:


Is that right? My average speed has gone up to 7.07 km/ hour?!

And here’s my less than amusing graph. I don’t know why my “peaks” aren’t as defined as the previous one. I thought my running was faster and more steady than before.


Not bad … I think. I changed my running route slightly.

I did experience some side stitching and, for a brief moment, a form of shin splints (but nothing that dramatic, it was just slightly uncomfortable), and they wore off after a few minutes. So didn’t worry me much. I attribute the former to having a fairly heavy lunch (rice with chicken and veggies cooked in tomato sauce) and the latter for not doing sufficient stretching exercises before heading off. Must remember to have a light meal and to do even the simplest of stretching exercises before I go out for a run.

I have two rest days ahead. After work tomorrow I’m going to have a prettification session at Rodney Wayne. It’s time to remove my stress highlights and trim the unruly mass on my head. Can’t wait! 🙂

Happy mid-week all!


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