Tired …

Not particularly happy about my workout today. I felt sluggish. I don’t know why – maybe the long week has started to take its toll on me. I have been out almost every night of this week (no, not partying – I wish that were the case) and haven’t slept well the past two nights. I just felt meh – however, I still went out and completed 35 minutes of walk/run sets! That’s 10 minutes longer than yesterday’s and I am proud of my accomplishment. Yeah, I know that’s peanuts to regular runners – but remember, I’m not a runner – have never been athletic or sports minded, so for me this is a big thing!

Anyway, enough ranting. My run summary, below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.33.45 AM

I knew it! My average speed is slower than yesterday’s. 

Or am I reading these stats incorrectly again. Pfft! I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m analysing these the wrong way because – that’s how I am. MEH!

Still avoiding the uphill road that is Boxhill.

Still avoiding the uphill road that is Boxhill.

Not bad I think, at least the peaks are now slightly more pronounced than the troughs, which means I’m no longer ambling along. Hihihi. If only I can keep a consistent pace … But never mind, I’ll get there.

Anyway, while fiddling around with the various tabs on Zombielink, I chanced up on my Running Pace achievements.

Huh?! I ran a mile under 10 minutes?!


I ran 1 mile under  5 minutes?! When did that happen? Yeah, I know it says 2nd October but I did that?! I must check the run stats on 2nd October to see if this is true. Maybe my app is wonky.

Anyway, better get moving. Have to prepare for an 8-hour volunteering duty at Somes Island. It’s a gorgeous day – great day to be outdoors!

Happy Sunday!!!


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